Magento Website Development

Magento Website Development

Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms available right now and offers companies like you own the ability to control and alter the functionality, content, and look of your store and a robust and versatile shopping cart system. Applicane is here to revolutionize your online store with cutting-edge Magento Development Solutions.

As a Magento website development company, we aim to design a smarter world with exquisite and classic eCommerce technologies. With an efficient team of Magento specialists with awareness, insight, and unique creativity, we can provide feature-rich Apps and websites for your e-commerce business. So if you decide to outsource Magento development to India, Applicane is your answer.

Why Magento?

Magento is currently one of the best eCommerce platforms to use.  Built with open-source technology, it gives its users the ability to control the look, functionality, and content of their online store without compromising the shopping experience. It provides users with a variety of useful tools and features including marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

Magento offers accessibility and integration with thousands of applications through plugins. This makes it possible to get a flexible, scalable, and customizable product. As impressive as Magento is, it becomes even more powerful when partnered with a team of experts that can amplify your website to the next level, just like Applicane. We leverage Magento to deliver a site that is tailor-fit to reflect your brand.

Whether you have a few customers or a million, Magento is right for you. By providing a collection of plug-ins and themes to suit whatever the client wants and needs. Applicane takes full advantage of Magento e-commerce development to enhance your customer experience and improve relationships with them.

Recently Magento has come up with Magento 2. It provides features such as flexible architecture for websites, engaging customer experiences, more efficient business experience, 50% faster loading speeds, more secure payments, and easier maintenance and upgrades.

What We Offer

Applicane offers Magento website development services that can take care of your needs by crafting custom-made solutions with Magento Services and integration as per the specifications you set.

From design to development to integration, we offer a full range of Magento development services that meet our client’s needs.  Our team is well-versed in the latest Magento practices and technologies. We work closely with our clients to ensure every project is completed within their stipulated time and budget. The full scope of our Magento website development services is explained in brief below.

Industry-Specific Magento Expertise: Applicane has a dedicated team of experienced developers who specialize in various industries including beauty, fashion, food, technology, and others. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to create customized Magento solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. eCommerce Storefront: Our dedicated team of developers can create a customized eCommerce storefront using Magento. Choose Applicane if you want a site that is user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for sales. We understand the importance of having a visually appealing and easy-to-use storefront to convert visitors into customers.

Magento Theme Development: Themes can make all the difference when you’re running a popular eCommerce platform. With the help of our Magento website development services, you can get custom-designed Magento themes that meet all of your business goals. With our help, you can get an eCommerce store that is consistent with your brand identity.

Continued Management and Maintenance: We provide ongoing management and maintenance services to ensure that your online store is always up-to-date, secure, and functioning smoothly. This includes regular updates, backups, and security checks.

Fully Dedicated Magento Teams: You will get a fully dedicated Magento team that works exclusively on your projects. You receive our personalized attention which helps the projects to be completed efficiently within the specified timelines. We have a compartmentalized and specialized team that doesn’t cut corners at the beginning and you won’t have to worry down the line.

Magento Extensions Development: Do you want custom Magento extensions to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store? Applicane has you covered. Magento extensions are essentially add-ons that are installed on top of a Magento installation to add new features or modify existing ones. They can be developed by anyone with skill and knowledge of using PHP, which is Magento’s programming language. We can provide extensions for the integration of payment gateways, shipping modules, and more.  

Why should you hire Applicane?

Applicane is a reputed Magento website development company that offers all-in-all Magento e-commerce development services catering to all industry verticals. We are the go-to destination to hire Magento developers who follow the latest business and technical practices. Our Magento development services have created an alcove in the industry for our obsession with customer service and high-quality delivery.

As a website development company, Applicane works as an architect to make the blueprint for your store. If you go for our outsourced Magento development in India, we can provide you with the following advantages.

Take advantage of our experience in Magento: Applicane has a team of experienced developers who have specialized knowledge and skills in building eCommerce websites using Magento.  By taking advantage of the latest trends and best practices, we can help build you a professional and effective online store.

We offer customization: Do you want your eCommerce store to reflect your brand’s values and ethics? We got your back.  We can design and develop unique features, functionalities, and design elements that will not only reflect your brand’s marketing goals but help your store stand out from the crowd.

Save a lot of time and money by choosing us: It’s common knowledge that you need a lot of time, resources, and technical expertise to get an eCommerce website off the ground. By accessing our Magento e-commerce development services, you can save a lot of time and money by letting us handle all the technical aspects of the project. Your company can avoid costly mistakes that can result from a lack of experience in website development.

Ongoing support and maintenance: You will get ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your eCommerce store is always updated.  We will make sure your website runs smoothly and securely, which can help your business to avoid downtime.  With our help, your site will have no issues that can negatively impact your online presence and sales.

Have a scalable website: Our Magento e-commerce development services can help you build a scalable eCommerce store that can grow with you as you expand. Get a website that can handle large amounts of traffic, inventory management, and multiple payment gateways. You can easily expand your online presence and increase sales in the long run.

If you outsource Magento development to India, Applicane should be your choice. The possibilities of what a Magento developer may achieve for your online business are virtually limitless. Our team at Applicane has extensive technical knowledge and expertise to assist you in the success of your online business.

So do yourself a favor and save yourself and your team the headache of doing it on your own. We are the experts for running and growing your business according to your preferences. We can do a lot for your eCommerce business if you choose us.

Our Ecommerce Website Development Services

Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms available right now and offers companies like your own the ability to control and alter the functionality, content, and look of your store and a robust and versatile shopping cart system.

WooCommerce is one of the popular, reliable, and powerful CMS solutions available specifically for eCommerce businesses. At Applicane, we know only too well how to make the best use of this platform.

OpenCart is a completely free and open-source eCommerce site platform that offers you the opportunity to sell and buy products online. Due to the source code being available to all users, it’s a very flexible and versatile system to use.

Shopify is one of a few hugely successful and popular eCommerce platforms. Although like many of these platforms nowadays, it is designed to be easier than most to use, you may still struggle to really utilize its many features in the best way to benefit your business.

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Magento is definitely worth investing in if it suits your business model as it will provide you all the control and versatility you need to run a successful eCommerce business. However, you will only be able to reap the benefits fully if you work with a first-class team.

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