Back-End Development

Back-End Development

There are two key sides to web development—the front-end and the back-end. To improve the functioning of a website, each component must cooperate and interact with the other as a single entity. Although the front end and back end of a website are closely integrated, there are differences between the two forms of development.

As a back-end development company, at Applicane, we take care of both sides for you. On this page, we’ll discuss our back-end development services.

What Is Back End Development?

Back-end software development involves the creation and management of server-side business, technical and functional logic, creating APIs or Application Programming Interfaces, and communication with databases.

The server-side components of a website or online application are the main focus of back-end development. This kind of development is focused on database interaction, scripting, and website architecture. In web development, the backend mainly consists of three major parts: a database, server, and application.

Our team at Applicane works with libraries, data architecture, APIs, code that interacts with databases, and more. To give users a convenient and dynamic experience, back-end development collaborates with front-end development.

In a nutshell, it basically revolves around how the web application works and how to make it work better.

Programming languages used for back-end software development

Functional languages and object-oriented languages are the two types of back-end programming languages that are commonly used. Usually, declarative syntax is used in functional languages, which place a strong focus on expressiveness. They avoid shared states and changeable data by writing pure functions instead.

Languages that are object-oriented, on the other hand, employ classes and objects. This enables us to organise our applications into straightforward, reusable code blocks. These lines of code may be used to generate unique instances of things.

At Applicane, the programming languages that we use to provide back-end development services are:

PHP:  PHP or Hypertext PreProcessor is a server-side scripting language that is the most widely used open source language used in web development. PHP is used to develop dynamic websites and applications and is referred to as a server-side scripting language since its code is executed on the server.

C++: C++ is a general-purpose programming language that is often used nowadays for programming in a competitive environment. In addition, it serves as a backend language that has multiple features, including operator overloading, templates, pre-processor commands, and multiple inheritances.

Java: The majority of corporate applications’ back-end systems can be built with Java thanks to its greater capacity to do so. Since it can operate on several operating systems, has effective memory management, and supports high scalability that is required in most back-end systems. Java is preferred for backend development due to its features like cross-platform capability, object-oriented, versatile and scalable.

Python: Python is a widely used programming language and is considered ideal for back end software development. Python is specifically designed with various notions that are related to object-orientation, which makes it easier for coding as in case of any error occurs, only some part of the code get affected instead of the whole code. Other reasons that we use Python for back end programming are because of its versatility and exceptional framework.

Back-end databases: Databases, apps, and servers make up a website’s back end. Since they enable the management of user data by websites and applications, databases are a crucial part of website development. The database and its users are connected through database management systems or DBMS. At Applicane, we use MySQL and MongoDB for back end development services.

What We Offer

Back-End Development

At Applicane, our team of back-end development experts can deliver fully customized back-ends for both complex and simple web apps that collect, maintain, and process data. For online applications of any sort and complexity, our team develop backends from ground up, creating secure, scalable, and elegantly designed solutions.

Back-End Refactoring

If you already have an existing back-end setup in place, we can refurbish it internally without causing any interference to the front-end components. Back-end refactoring can help debugging processes go smoothly. That way, we can change the system without altering the code’s exterior behaviour while improving the structure internally and, as a result, its overall performance.

How We Simplify Complex Services

API Management

Applicane can develop, launch, and maintain app programming interfaces in stable and scalable environments on-site or up in the cloud.

Messaging Notifications

Being a back end development company, at Applicane, we craft intelligent real-time messaging services.


Our back-end developers can utilize user authorization and authentication solutions to enhance the security of sensitive data.

Data Synchronization

We can make it easy to sync up the data held on back-end systems and devices, bolstered by server-side rules outlining access control over data.


The team here at Applicane can develop customized communication adaptors or SOAP/REST services to allow for the smooth and efficient integration with enterprise systems of any level of complexity.

Our Web Application Development Services

SaaS apps we provide are high performance and functional and able to take your business to a whole new level. At Applicane, we offer Full SaaS App Development, SaaS App UI/UX Design, and SaaS App Migration and Modernization services.

Front End Development

With the experience and skills necessary at our disposal, we have a comprehensive and bespoke range of front end development services. In accordance with your specifications, Applicane will develop an attractive, responsive website. We can create anything, from a simple landing page to a sophisticated e-store, using HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and AngularJS, to name a few.

Our team of back-end development experts can deliver fully customized back-ends for both complex and simple web apps that collect, maintain, and process data. We depend on tested frameworks and guarantee swift and effective coding in MySQL, Python, PHP, C++, JAVA, and MongoDB.

Progressive Web App Development

We offer high-quality PWA development through custom-built, tech-driven, reliable, and secure solutions suitable for all industry verticals. Your requests will be carefully considered by our project-based or dedicated web developers, who will then recommend possible solutions.

Why choose us?

If you need assistance with any aspect of web development and aren’t sure why you should hire us, here are some factors to consider.

Knowledge of the subject

Applicane has extensive experience in the sector of website design and development outsourcing. Our team has members with skills and knowledge in a variety of technologies that can help you keep your apps up to date with current and upcoming technological advances.

Variability in timeliness

Our professional staff consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that your deadlines are met. They are very flexible and ready for any circumstance. Over the course of the project, they are continually ready to adapt to changes.

Individualized Approach

In our opinion, no individual should undergo a one-size-fits-all approach. In addition to using the latest techniques, tools, and platforms, we are a website development company that treats each of our clients and their companies as individual people with their own needs and preferences.

Cost-effective Package

Our price is kept competitive regardless of the scope of their undertakings or if they are from a small, medium, or large organisation. We also think about offering special pricing for business owners with very few resources to assist them in achieving their objectives.

Outstanding Experts

Offering customers the top platforms, websites, applications, and solutions is a top goal at Applicane. We believe that we stand out because of our dedication to both technology and our customers.

Encouragement and dedication

The Applicane team is engaged in more activities than just one project. Everything that has to do with web development in any capacity has fully taken over our lives. Working with us gives you full access to our zeal and dedication.

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