Web Application Development​

At Applicane, we have many years of experience under our belts working in the web application development services sector. We strongly believe that time time-served and our level of expertise allow us to meet even the most challenging needs of our clients to provide first-class web apps.

At Applicane, we can provide your company with the SaaS solution you need to offer software from a centrally-located web browser.

At Applicane, we have many years of experience in web app development and are well-versed in all languages and modern techniques. 

Back-end software development involves the creation and management of server-side business, technical and functional logic, creating APIs and communication with databases.

At Applicane, we offer high-quality PWA development through custom-built, tech-driven, reliable, and secure solutions suitable for all industry verticals.

Mobile App Development

Applicane is the team you should consider if you’re looking to invest in customized mobile app development services. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or a complicated enterprise-level app with a broad range of features, we can help.

We have relevant skill-sets to provide end-to-end mobile solutions for your business, regardless of your industry vertical. We build fully functional, innovative, and scalable app solutions optimized to meet your business needs while providing a competitive edge. 

Applicane’s full-stack iOS app developers can quickly and efficiently re-engineer iOS apps, enhancing and upgrading the features where necessary. Our team is knowledgeable about the most current best practices for app management and maintenance and will help you to get the best out of your apps.

e-Commerce Website Development

We have an expert eCommerce website design team that can support your business and design, develop and launch a site that can allow you to meet the demand of your customers worldwide.


Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms available right now and offers companies like your own the ability to control and alter the functionality, content, and look of your store and a robust and versatile shopping cart system.


WooCommerce is one of the popular, reliable, and powerful CMS solutions available specifically for eCommerce businesses. At Applicane, we know only too well how to make the best use of this platform.


OpenCart is a completely free and open-source eCommerce site platform that offers you the opportunity to sell and buy products online. Due to the source code being available to all users, it’s a very flexible and versatile system to use.


Shopify is one of a few hugely successful and popular eCommerce platforms. Although like many of these platforms nowadays, it is designed to be easier than most to use, you may still struggle to really utilize its many features in the best way to benefit your business.

Website Development

Whether you are looking to improve your existing website and web presence or are starting from scratch and want a professional and responsive website, we are here to help at Applicane.

A static website is the most basic option and is ideal if you do not have the budget for something more comprehensive and detailed. If you order a static website from us, you will get a site with pages that will be displayed the way they have been stored.

A dynamic website, often known as a database-driven website, can be designed to share different content with different visitors, based on various factors, including time zone, selection, and user preferences like language or even gender.

Apart from our static and dynamic website development services, we consider CMS (Content Management Systems) development to be a crucial aspect in the design and development of any website.

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