Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App Development

A Progressive Web App is an advanced form of a responsive web application that uses a single codebase to be available virtually anywhere or on any device. They don’t need a specific operating system, device type, or browser to deliver their functionality. Instead, they use the latest web technologies to provide native mobile app-like experiences within browsers.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) uses modern capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. It can be referred to as a set of best practices to make a web application function similarly to a desktop or mobile application. Progressive web app development services have started becoming increasingly important for modern companies as consumers shift towards mobile and web-based applications.

One of the key benefits of PWAs is their ability to enhance user experience and engagement. How? – unlike traditional web apps, PWAs can function seamlessly across different devices and platforms. They also provide companies with the ability to expand their reach and attract new customers.

With an increasing number of users accessing the internet through mobile devices, your company should have an app that is optimized for mobile devices. At Applicane, we can do that for you. Our PWAs are also easily discovered through search engines which lets you attract new customers through organic search results.

At Applicane, we offer high-quality Progressive web app development services through custom-built, tech-driven, reliable, and secure solutions suitable for all industry verticals.

Benefits Of Progressive Web App Development

As a progressive web app development company in India, we develop applications that provide the feel of native apps while enhancing user experience with faster load times, app-like navigation, and highly visual content. Applicane offers a solution at each level of development to deliver best-in-class applications to our clients worldwide.  There are many benefits your business can gain from PWA development such as:

User-friendly: PWAs are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use thanks to their intuitive interfaces and fast loading times. This allows you to quickly find what they are looking for and complete tasks without hassles.

Responsive apps: PWAs are designed to work across a range of devices and screen sizes, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. We design the apps to be responsive adapting to different screen sizes and orientations.

Secure, robust, and reliable: We build PWAs using the latest web technologies and security standards, making them robust, reliable, and secure. We can also service workers to cache content and enable offline access.

Easy linkable: Similar to regular websites, PWAs can be easily shared and linked to. This makes them easy to promote and share with others, which can increase visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Low data consumption: PWAs are lightweight and use fewer data compared to traditional mobile apps. This is a major advantage for users who are on limited data plans or in areas with poor network connectivity.

Customer-focused approach: We design PWAs keeping the customer in mind with an emphasis on providing a fast, engaging, and personalized experience. These are the building blocks of building stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty over time.

Industry-proven approach: Be a part of the conglomerate of companies that have adopted progressive web app development services as part of their mobile strategy. Our approach is tried and tested to deliver real business results.

Increased conversions: We make your PWAs in such a way that your customers get the seamless user experience they deserve. We take the necessary steps to reduce bounce rates, and increase sales and revenue over time.

Security: PWAs are highly secure and reliable which is what all modern companies want. In a world where cybersecurity threats have become common, companies have to ensure that their applications are secure and provide a seamless user experience. PWAs use HTTPS to provide a secure connection between the server and the client to protect user data from unauthorized access.

What We Offer

At Applicane, our progressive web application development services include:

Customized PWA Development

As all businesses, are different and have unique needs and requirements, with our custom PWA development service we can build bespoke PWAs with intuitive and responsive UI, engaging content, and quick animations.

Responsive Web App Development and Design

The team here at Applicane is highly experienced and therefore able to create solutions that provide smooth and faultless interactivity at fast speeds across many different devices.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

We can develop enterprise-level solutions that are effective, efficient, and mobile-friendly.

QA Testing

To maintain our position here at Applicane as a leader in PWA development, we strict to an agile approach and perform thorough testing to ensure we provide complete support and maintenance. We’ll always ensure the PWA solutions we develop for you are free of glitches and bugs.

PW Design and Development

As a progressive web app development company in India, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to push the envelope when it comes to utilizing the power of mobile devices. With standardized and seamless development and enhancement, we can offer an amazing end-user experience and assist you in expanding your reach and increasing your conversion rates.

Why Choose Progressive Web App Development from Applicane?

As one of the leading names in progressive web app development services, we are passionate about engineering the best web solutions to help your business grow and expand. When you invest in our services you also benefit from:

  • No freelancers – all of our team are hired directly by Applicane and on the payroll

At Applicane, we do not rely on freelancers for our projects. All the members of our team are hired directly by use and are on our payroll. This gives us full control over the quality of work produced and delivered.

  • Highly motivated and creative teams

Our teams are made of highly motivated and creative individuals who are passionate about what they do. Our philosophy involves developing unique and innovative solutions to help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace. By working with us, you can tap into the creativity and expertise of our team to get your desired app.

  • Security and quality adherence

Security and quality adherence is crucial when it comes to web app development. As a progressive web app development company, Applicane follows industry best practices and adheres to the highest standards of quality and security to ensure that your project is in safe hands.

  • Integrity and full transparency

Integrity and commitment to full transparency are required qualities for a progressive web app development company. We believe that honesty and open communication are essential for building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

  • Offline connectivity

Offline access is a major advantage of PWAs as it lets users access the app even when they are without a network connection. Offline features are enabled by using independently functioning JavaScript files. App assets and data are stored for future offline usage thanks to cache capabilities.

When you work with us, you can trust that we will be transparent and upfront about all aspects of your project, ranging from pricing and timelines to potential challenges and risks. Our goal is to build trust and earn your confidence so that we can build a good working relationship with you.

Our Web Application Development Services

SaaS apps we provide are high performance and functional and able to take your business to a whole new level.

Front End Development

With the experience and skills necessary at our disposal, we have a comprehensive and bespoke range of front end development services.

Back End Development

Our team of back-end development experts can deliver fully customized back-ends for both complex and simple web apps that collect, maintain, and process data.

We offer high-quality PWA development through custom-built, tech-driven, reliable, and secure solutions suitable for all industry verticals.

Contact the Team

If you’re interested in investing in progressive web app development through Applicane, contact one of our team today for more information.

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