Front End Development

Front End Development

Front-end development has become an essential part of today’s highly digitized world as it is responsible for the visual and interactive aspects of the websites and apps we use. It directly impacts user engagement and conversion rates, making it an essential part of the marketing strategy of any company.

A well-designed and user-friendly interface can attract and retain visitors, which ultimately leads to more conversions. In contrast, if a site is poorly designed or difficult to navigate, it can experience high bounce rates which can ultimately lead to its downfall. Since it plays such a crucial role in creating engaging and user-friendly digital experiences, companies, and organizations all over the world are allocating increasing sums toward front-end development services.

At Applicane, we have many years of experience in web app development and are well-versed in all languages and modern techniques. We are a company that provides web application development solutions for all types of customers worldwide. We help them achieve their business goals by providing them with affordable pricing and an experienced team.

There are two distinct sides to web development we offer. On this page, we’ll briefly discuss our front-end development services.

What is Front End Development?

Front-end development could be best described as being a mixture of the creativity, usability, graphics, designs, and technology utilized to build up everything client-side and visible to the end-user. It refers to the process of using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX) of a particular website or application.

Front-end developers are engaged in the task of working on the visual and interactive aspects of a website or application. This is the part that users see and interact with. This includes all the visual aspects such as designing and coding the layout, colour schemes, typography, and graphics. They are also responsible for creating the various interactive elements that we find on modern websites such as drop-down menus, forms, and animations.

Any experienced front-end development service provider should have a capable front-end development team with the right skills capable of meeting the requirements of each project.

Front-end developers specialize in building either mobile apps or web apps. However, there are some different aspects to consider for each alternative.

Front-end Development for Mobile Apps

These development services focus exclusively on apps for mobile devices. Due to the increase in smartphone usage, mobile app development is one of the most common services requested by companies worldwide.  In this aspect, the User Interface matters the most.

While building fully functional UIs for mobile apps is the main priority, front-end developers also have to make sure that the app displays the many different screen sizes of mobile devices correctly.

Front-end Development for Web Apps

The front-end development services for any web product, whether it’s an app or website, come under the blanket term of web development.  These developers have strong skills that help them build products like a PWA or any other idea using web technologies. They use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript to get the job done.

Our Customized Front-End Development

With the experience and skills necessary at our disposal, we have a comprehensive and bespoke range of front-end development services we offer, including:

Customized Web Apps

Our front-end developers can create a custom UI design that matches the specific needs and wants of a brand or company. They can also create custom layouts with a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes, devices, and orientations. We’ll design and develop fully dedicated applications and software with truly functional and efficient front ends.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript development has become an essential aspect of creating dynamic and interactive web applications. It allows developers to use rich user interfaces that can adapt and respond to user interactions, resulting in a more immersive experience.

As one of the programming languages we’re most familiar with, we can create front-end apps and software on JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React.js, and Vue.js. Our talented team of JavaScript experts can develop fully bespoke solutions for your business from scratch.

UX/UI Design

With any digital product, its success can be measured by a combination of whether or not it meets the goals of the business and offers user satisfaction. That’s why UX and UI design through front-end development is crucial.

Our front-end development services can enhance the user experience through a well-designed UI that can attract and retain visitors, increase their time on the site and produce more conversions.

Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development using PWA or Progressive Web App standards has become extremely important nowadays. PWAs refer to web applications that have been optimized to provide a native-like experience on mobile phones. They can work seamlessly across different platforms and devices and can be installed on a user’s home screen similar to a native app.

We base all our designs on PWA standards and cross-platform frameworks, to ensure the web apps we develop will work on a variety of different systems at the same time.

So why choose Applicane as an option when considering front-end development outsourcing?

Irrespective of your business size, there are various advantages when you opt for front end development outsourcing.

You don’t have to take responsibility for software development and can avoid investing in hiring and maintaining an in-house team.

Why Consider Front End Development Outsourcing:

You can cut costs: Normally you would spend a hefty amount on hiring and on boarding talent. You will also have to pay extra for their insurance and other retention programs. However, outsourcing can cut down your costs drastically. Applicane provides you with these services directly, without the need for spending your time on building a development team from scratch.

You save a lot of time:  Today’s IT market has become competitive as companies rush to launch innovative new products and stay relevant. Time-saving is one of the best ways that you can beat your competition by launching products faster. By outsourcing front-end development services to India, you can save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent on sourcing and hiring developers, building an in-house team, and managing project-related procedures.

You can focus on your main business goal: The entire product development lifecycle is undoubtedly essential for your business. But this is also one of the areas where you are bound to be bogged down. Choosing to outsource to a front-end developer can help you avert these. You can hand over your project in the hands of a skilled developer who can create work according to pre-established requirements.

Seamlessly build your existing front end: It may so happen that you have released a product but it doesn’t fulfil your quality standards or company goals.  It’s a common occurrence to see a product’s back-end operating well, but the client side lacks certain features. By outsourcing the front-end development services to India, you can fix any issues with the client side. You no longer have to drain your resources to reconstruct the product entirely.

You get the flexibility you need: You may think that the entire front-end development process has an equal load. In reality, different stages may have unequal loads which may require you to scale your staff up. However, if you outsource these services to Applicane, we will rapidly add team members or withdraw them based on the requirements of your project. We give you the most convenient option when it comes to staff augmentation which relieves you of the worries of hiring staff.

Leave a lasting impression: Customers naturally gravitate towards things that appeal to them. One of the first things they come across is the client side of any product or application. Outsourcing the front-end services to us will ensure that everything is in place and your web design is visually streamlined.

Projects which have advanced functionality usually require extensive attention to the backend. It’s thus, simply not feasible for you to allocate developers to the work which can be done by other programmers.  In other words, it’s simply a waste of project resources for a company to build the client side using an in-house team.

When going for outsourcing, you normally rely on an external service provider to get your job done. At Applicane, we start the work only after our client clearly conveys the project requirements.

With the experience and skills necessary at our disposal, we have a comprehensive and bespoke range of front-end development services.

Our Web Application Development Services

SaaS apps we provide are high performance and functional and able to take your business to a whole new level.

With the experience and skills necessary at our disposal, we have a comprehensive and bespoke range of front end development services.

Back End Development

Our team of back-end development experts can deliver fully customized back-ends for both complex and simple web apps that collect, maintain, and process data.

Progressive Web App Development

We offer high-quality PWA development through custom-built, tech-driven, reliable, and secure solutions suitable for all industry verticals.

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