Major Trends Being Implemented by Indian Android App Developers

It comes as no surprise that outsourcing mobile app development to India and partnering with Android app developers in India is a widely preferred and popular choice. Our custom software development company has accumulated significant experience, witnessing a surging demand, with over 75% of start-ups and SMBs opting to outsource mobile app development in India. The allure of affordable mobile app development costs in India, coupled with time-zone-aligned work, has endeared clients to the numerous advantages of this collaboration.

Surprisingly, India’s IT sector boasts a staggering count of over 4.4 million intellectuals! Amid this vast landscape, Indian App Developers globally stands out as the country’s premier application development company, excelling in the creation of software applications. Let’s explore what trends they can implement for their clients in 2023.

  • Android jetpack

Leading the charge in modern Android development is Android Jetpack, an all-encompassing suite of libraries and tools meticulously crafted to streamline the app development process. Adopting components such as WorkManager, Navigation, Paging, CameraX, and Compose, Android Jetpack simplifies routine tasks including background work, navigation, data loading, camera operations, and UI development.

It is worth highlighting that Android Jetpack seamlessly integrates with Kotlin, the favoured language in Android development, and follows the best practices of Android architecture.

  • Android App Bundles and Dynamic Delivery

To optimise app size and enhance installations, Android app developers in India are increasingly using Android app bundles and dynamic delivery. The app bundle format consolidates all code and resources, allowing Google Play to generate optimised APKs tailored to each user’s device configuration. Dynamic delivery facilitates on-demand feature delivery, ensuring users download only the necessary code and resources. This modular approach not only improves the user experience but also lowers acquisition costs and boosts conversion rates.

  • Material Design

Material design, a cohesive design system, guides Indian developers in creating visually appealing and consistent user interfaces across Android devices. Rooted in principles such as hierarchy, contrast, colour, typography, and motion, material design offers adaptive layouts, dark themes, animations, and icons. This design philosophy enhances the functionality and aesthetics of apps, making them intuitive, engaging, and accessible.

  • Machine Learning

Taking on a main role, intelligent and personalised features are seamlessly integrated into applications by Indian developers by incorporating machine learning. Apps learn from data. They perform various tasks like recognising images, understanding language, recognising speech, and making recommendations. This is achieved with the assistance of machine learning, a component of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • ARCore

Augmented reality (AR) becomes possible to implement for Android developers in India with the implementation of ARCore. Empowering developers, this platform facilitates the creation of immersive AR experiences through the overlay of digital content onto the real world. Essential capabilities such as motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation are provided by ARCore. Features like Sceneform, augmented images, augmented faces, and cloud anchors contribute to the realism and functionality of AR apps.


India hosts a markedly saturated market for mobile app development, which is evident from the number of Android app developers in India. It is noteworthy that Indian app development and software development companies consistently emerge as preferred partners for enterprise clients in the United States and Europe. This preference is attributed to their ability to provide elevated capacity coupled with considerably more cost-effective services.

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