Web Application Development

Web Application Development

At Applicane, we have many years of experience under our belts outsourcing website design and development in the web application development services sector. We strongly believe that time time-served and our level of expertise allow us to meet even the most challenging needs of our clients to provide first-class web apps. Rather than seeing us as just another website development services company, think of us as problem solvers.

It is always our goal here at Applicane to not only meet the high expectations and standards for quality you have but completely smash them. We will solve your business problems regarding outsourcing website design and development and provide options for you to expand and evolve your apps. High security, responsiveness, and usability are what set out web apps apart.

Modern Cross-Platform Web Application Development

As more and more people are accessing the internet and using apps on a multitude of different devices, we make sure our client’s web apps have cross-platform functionality. Whether you want to outsource website development on a completely new web app or would like us to work on your existing apps, we can.

Our Web Application Development Services

SaaS App Development

SaaS applications are very customizable and integrable with software programs such as Dropbox and others. SaaS apps we provide are high performance and functional and able to take your business to a whole new level. They are scalable, allowing you to scale up or down based on your specific needs at the moment.

Front End Development

With the experience and skills necessary at our disposal, we have a comprehensive and bespoke range of front end development services. In accordance with your specifications, Applicane will develop an attractive responsive website. We can create anything, from a simple landing page to a sophisticated e-store using HTML, CSS, JS, Node, AngularJS, to name a few.

Back End Development

Our team of back-end development experts can deliver fully customized back-ends for both complex and simple web apps that collect, maintain, and process data. We depend on tested frameworks and guarantee swift and effective coding in MySQL, Python, PHP, C++, JAVA, and MongoDB.

Progressive Web App Development

We offer high-quality PWA development through custom-built, tech-driven, reliable, and secure solutions suitable for all industry verticals. Your requests will be carefully considered by our project-based or dedicated web developers, who will then recommend possible solutions.

Our Web Development Process

Below Is a Snapshot Of Our Web App Development Process

Thorough Audit and Analysis of Your Company – At this point in outsourcing website design and development process, we are on a mission to learn as much as we can about your business, including your company structure and the processes you have in place. This helps us develop an app that is in line with the type of work you do and the industry you operate in.

UX/UI Design and Architecture Prototypes – When we prototype web apps, we always focus on the interaction design and user experience. As users may be accessing from different devices, we run checks to ensure your app will run smoothly and look great on all mobile and desktop devices.

Testing Prototypes – following the above step, we will run early-stage prototypes to test the user interface functionality and the overall user experience before moving onto the next part of the process.

Full-Stack Development – Rather than focusing on either the front-end or back-end, we deliver a full-stack approach. We closely follow the current trends and utilize the best technology to provide the best web app possible.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance – Before the app is ready to launch, we need to carry out full-lifecycle testing at every step of the process, from testing your unique requirements to testing the web app deployment.

App Launch, Deployment, and Continued Maintenance and Support – When everything has been fully tested and approved by you, our client, we will then move onto the deployment stage. We will make this as painless and hassle-free a process as we can and provide ongoing support and maintenance to make sure you get the most out of the system.

If you are thinking about outsourcing website design and development or if you are looking for a website development services company, then we can help.

What We Offer

eCommerce apps
Social networking platforms
CRM software
Reservation and booking portals
Logistics solutions
Employee management apps
App maintenance
DevOps and Pipeline Automation
Richly interactive user interface development
Custom Plugins and API development
Off-the-shelf customization
RAD framework expertise
W3C validated
Stress, load, and performance testing
User-friendly interfaces
Robust control system
Cross-platform and browser responsiveness

Who choose us?

Expertise in the Field

Applicane is one of the most trusted companies if you are considering outsourcing website design and development. Our team includes of individuals with abilities and expertise in many technologies who can assist you in keeping your apps compliant with both present and potential technological changes.

Schedule Variability

Our skilled crew is incredibly adaptable and prepared for any situation; they always go above and beyond to guarantee your deadlines are reached. They are constantly prepared to adjust to modifications throughout the project’s life cycle.

Personalized Solution

We don’t think that any of our clients should receive a one-size-fits-all approach. We are a website development services company that approaches each of our customers and their organizations as unique individuals with their own requirements and preferences, even as we employ best techniques, tools, and platforms.

Budget-friendly Package

No matter the scale of their projects or if they are from a small, medium, or large organisation, our pricing is kept competitive. For entrepreneurs with extremely tight resources, we also take into account providing unique pricing to help them realise their goals.

Top-notch Experts

At Applicane, we place a strong priority on offering clients the best platforms, websites, applications, and solutions available. Because of our commitment to both innovation and our clients, we feel that we stand out.

Motivation and Commitment

We are completely consumed with anything relating to web development in all of its forms. When you work with us, you fully benefit from our enthusiasm and commitment.

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